Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Every Wednesday I am going to do a wedding post. This is inspired by my sister who is getting married in October of 2015! I am so excited to being through this process with her. A couple weeks ago we went to go look at Bride’s Maids dresses. Let me tell you when I was looking for dresses for my girls four years ago it was torture. There were too many dresses, too many styles and too many colors! My sister actually made the process really smooth for my mom and I that day. We will be wearing long dresses and some sort of purple color.

 Style One
 Style Two
 Style Three
 My sister and I
I found this photo on Birch Box's Instagram and thought it was a great inspiration for the colors my sister is going for on her wedding day.

I really enjoyed spending time with my mom and sister on this wedding outing and I look forward to many more. And many more Wedding Wednesday posts!
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